How the Tao of Badass can boost self-confidence in any man

boost-self-confidenceWhat is The Tao of Badass and does it work, really work? The Tao of Badass is an eBook written by a guy called Josh Pillicer, essentially it is a “training manual” for the average guy who constantly strikes out with women, and basically has no real social skills whatsoever. It uses the step by step method to men on how to build their confidence and make the right moves when interacting with women. It challenges men to get a grip on their inner fears and how to achieve this. Without the confidence, the game is lost anyway, so Tao of Badass is a great tool for men with little or no confidence, which will put them ahead of the game. It also explains the personality types of men which will put then one step ahead of the competition when it comes to gaining the attention of a lady at a party or at a club. It gives guys an edge over the other men when he can identify what personality he is up against and work with it, instead of simply “rolling over” and giving up before he’s even started.

While the book might have a lot of theoretical information, it’s putting into practice that can make the break you. One chapter which might be easily glossed over (simply because it doesn’t seem important to most men) is the part or chapter on how using body language to seduce woman is beneficial, even is essential. To most men, good body language simply means squaring shoulders, looking confident and basically staring a woman down in an attempt to chat her up. Well to any mail this might seem like a fool proof plan, guaranteed it simply makes you look like a fool. Obviously, there are other things the book has to offer aside from body language. Continue reading

Cape Town’s finest accommodation

cinnamonhouse pooldeck wildernessWith 2014 fading into a distant memory, along with the happy revelry of the holiday season, we all welcome 2015 with high hopes for it fantastic year ahead. And since the technical holiday season is now over, now, at least from about February, is the perfect time to take leave. By this time of the year, everybody needs a holiday from their holiday.

And it’s great because we are heading into “the winter months”, holiday accommodation is at its cheapest. And this is the time of year that the Capetonian locals love the most. We can pretty much go anywhere in the Cape and enjoy all the luxuries and everything that goes with it while the rest of the world retreat back to their own cities or towns.

The Garden Route is an all-time favorite because of the raw natural beauty of the area and the uniqueness of some of the accommodations all along the route. For instance, wilderness accommodation will be a fraction of the cost during the off season than it was from November to January. Continue reading

Correcting the body’s pH level for a healthy lifestyle

alkaline diet foodsThere is a lot more to weight loss programs that meets the eye. When it comes to weight loss, it is not as simple as following a diet plan and workout program for great results. Unfortunately, in today’s world it’s a bit more complicated than that now. Most of us live a very acidic lifestyle by means of the kind of food we eat. Our bodies’ pH levels are a little bit out of whack purely because of the kind of foods we eat. Most people don’t even realize that much like you’re sitting pool, your body is pH levels also need to be balanced in order for it to function properly.

Fortunately, there is a way, by means of diet, to rectify this. By following the alkaline diet plan, we can easily restore the pH levels in our bodies. Eating a more alkaline diet is a lot easier than most people seem to think. By making a few simple changes, not only will you be able to restore your pH levels to normal, but you’ll feel fantastic and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

For those who do not remember their high school science classes, a normal pH level needs to be between 7.35 and 7.45, and anything over or under those numbers, would make as either extremely alkaline or extremely acidic. Continue reading

How to lose weight by making a few healthy changes to your lifestyle

the venus factor review exerciseWhile half the world is heading off into winter, here in South Africa we are rushing headlong into summer. The last of the spring rains is about to hit us, and then is going to be warm weather for the next four months or so. This is the perfect time for women (and men of course) to start taking care of our comfortable insulating winter fat, and slimming down and getting ourselves bikini ready for the upcoming summer months. Fortunately, we do not necessarily have to “wing it” in order to lose weight and look great. If you want to know what I am talking about, check out the Venus factor reviews page and read all about it for yourself.

The great thing about the Venus factor program is that it is designed especially for women. By taking the way a woman’s body works into consideration, they have developed a program that not only helps us to lose weight and look fantastic, but also gives the opportunity to reshape our bodies into a more aesthetically pleasing look. Granted, not all of us are born with great looking bodies. Some of us are stuck with a pear shape or apple shaped body, but now we have a program that can help us change that. We don’t have to settle for the “best shape we can get” by simply slimming down the excess and accepting the way our bodies look naturally. Now we can change the way our bodies look and the shape of it to the more classic feminine shape of the hourglass. The bonuses of having this kind of body shape is not just looking great in a bikini, but it also means you’ll be able to be literally walk into any store and put on any outfit and look great in it. Who can say no to that? Continue reading

Dangerous diet expectations regarding products and programs

fat loss factor resultsWeight loss has become a multimillion dollar industry fairly quickly, and this is because we as human beings have become overweight or obese, which in turn allows the marketing industry to exploit it. Pretty much everybody takes advantage of the vulnerable side of the obesity epidemic. Even weight loss programs.

While a lot of weight loss programs are legitimate, every now and again you come across a program that looks safe and effective at first glance, but upon closer inspection, you find that something has snuck into the program which is not exactly kosher. The good example of one such program is The Fat Loss Factor. Read a Fat Loss Factor review page and you will see that 99% of the program looks really good, but these at one point that makes you raise an eyebrow. In this particular program is case, it is the Master Cleanse which is a little dubious. While the rest of the program looks to be a pretty good program overall, that one little point (fortunately it can be skipped over and omitted completely) can be potentially harmful.

Marketing companies sometimes also take full advantage of people’s vulnerability about being obese without taking into consideration the dangers. There are so many products available online which are not very effective as weight loss aids, and in some cases are 100% completely useless as a fat loss product. There is been a lot of hype around things like Green Coffee which can be bought in capsule form, Raspberry Ketones which are also purchased in capsule form and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, otherwise known as HCG which can be taken in the form of “homeopathic drops” or injections by your family doctor. Continue reading

How following the wrong diet can drain your energy

honest cruise control diet reviewLosing weight and staying trim by going to the gym or muscle a daily basis, has almost become like an obsession with people ever since the 1980s. In the 80s, Jane Fonda made aerobics and working out not only the fashionable thing to do, but almost turned into an occult following. While women were sweating it out in aerobics classes, men were huffing and puffing their way through an extensive weight training exercise in order to bulk up.

Or heavy emphasis was put on exercise, diet was not necessarily considered to be part of the whole slimming process. Fortunately, these days we know different, and we know better. These days we are more prone to looking for a good all-rounder weight loss program that not only has a great workout routine, but also an awesome and doable eating plan. With come to understand that diet and exercise go hand-in-hand, and weight loss works better with a combination of both these elements.

And this is where weight loss programs like cruise control diet comes into play. Programs like these don’t focus on either one or the other, but look at it as a single point of focus instead. While in the 80s people used to eat what they want from pizza, burgers and fries at any time of day or night, as long as they got in their three or four hour weight training or aerobics classes, he and 21st-century, we firmly believe that in order to get a good looking body, we have to eat right and eat healthy. Continue reading

Why planning your vacation through a tour operator benefits you

cape town photoThis is the perfect time of year to begin planning your vacation for the upcoming holiday season. By getting an early start, not only do you guarantee great flight prices, but it also ensures you don’t miss out on holiday specials or even accommodation specials.

One of the easiest ways going about planning your vacation, is to make use of the services of a good tour operator. If South Africa is your destination, then planning your South African holidays with Cape Tours is a great idea because they have been in the business for over twenty years, are born and bred in South Africa which makes them the perfect choice for helping you plan your South African holiday.

Most people have this misconception that hiring a tour operator to help organize their holiday means that automatically they are forced to use the services of a tour guide hiring a car for the duration of their stay and driving themselves around. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The beauty of using a tour operator like Cape tours, is that it affords you the opportunity to decide whether or not you want a self-drive holiday, a guided holiday or hire a private driver for the duration of your stay. Cape tours in particular, is exceptionally flexible with their tour packages, even going so far as to help you tailor your package to your specific needs and to suit your family. Continue reading

How courting has evolved to text seduction from innocent handholding

confident man textingThere are many ways a man can use to woo a woman. In the old days, a man would have to speak to his love interest father and ask permission to court her. After that, the couple would be chaperoned by an older woman, usually an aunt, whenever they saw each other. And even then, he was only ever allowed to hold her hand. Kissing was strictly forbidden as this was reserved for engaged or married couples. This is what dating was like in the early 1900s. From there are sporting a woman progressed to sending her flowers and chocolate boxes as a form of affection and dating was an afternoon spent in the corner malt shop sipping cherry Coke or milkshakes before going to the movies.

However, it more modern times, you bothered with asking a father for permission to court his daughter anymore or bothering with chocolates and flowers as a form of seduction. Instead these days the art of text seduction with training from programs like Magnetic Messaging is the latest way of getting to know a girl or woman in an attempt to either date her or sleep with her. It’s a far less romantic or glamorized method of seduction or courting, but it is effective. Continue reading

Crazy things people do to lose weight

crazy weight lossThese days anybody you talk to, or any woman you talk to anyway, is on some kind of diet. It is all is talking about food and what they can and can’t eat, how many calories are allowed in the day or how many they’ve already consumed. People have got a very unhealthy attitude towards food and diet and exercise. As all the fault of the 80s and the 90s. It is true if you think about it. In the 80s you had every woman and her cousin for ever in the dam gym doing aerobics for at least two hours a day and then going home and eating a portion of salad leaves and carrot sticks. Then came the 90s and everything was Weight Watchers and Weigh Less and counting calories and collecting points, whenever the hell that means! People’s idea of how to eat has become so distorted over the years, that nobody really knows what healthy eating is all about anymore. And exact same thing goes for exercise. People are doing stupid insane things in an effort to lose weight. Hours in the gym, sometimes as early as 5 o’clock in the morning and then back again for a quick run during the lunch break, and then after work back in for another class or another session in the gym before going home to learn “cook a healthy meal”. The funniest thing about all of this nonsense, is that come the weekend, they think that sneaking in a McDonald’s quarter pounder with cheese with a giant Coke super-sized everything, is okay because “it’s just this once, right?” The problem is that this is so far into insane, that nobody can actually see it, yet they wonder why they can’t lose the weight.

There are so many different ways it right exercise safely and correctly, if the people will just take the time to ask the right questions from the right people. Go to your health and fitness centre and speak to a personal trainer, even speak to a dietician and your doctor. The people are supposed to be trained professionals to give us the advice we need to stay healthy. So instead of trying to do this on your own, try something tried and tested that’s been proven to work for hundreds of years. Why not give eat stop eat a try? Ask your doctor about it. Even your dietician. Eat stop eat is just a name of the program based on intermittent fasting, so ask your health care professionals about this program to find out if it’s a good fit for you. Continue reading

Boost your bust- Natural breast enlargement

natural breast enlargementIn this Boost Your Bust review we’ll look at this guide, learn about its advantages and disadvantages and understand better if this merchandise can definitely help you or not.

Boost Your Bust Review – Just what is It?

A healthcare investigator for over fourteen years, Boost Your Bust is a detailed eBook which comprises 57 pages that presumed to instruct any girl the best way to raise her breast size with 100% natural techniques and with no type of operation or pills.

Unlike many natural breast enlargement eBooks online that teach you how you can increase the estrogens amount inside your body, the Boost Your Breasts guide focuses on the best way to restrain the hormones that suppress estrogens and breast development, something that according to Jenny Bolton will be able to let you go from A Cup to B Cup within only 4-6 weeks. To learn if it is actually feasible to understand better if you can be really helped by Jenny Bolton’s guide or not you lets look at a few of the pros of this merchandise. Continue reading

Overweight? How to get a rocking body in 12 weeks

adonis bodyAs a woman, I’m very happy to see that they are more and more guys willing to do more to take care of themselves physically. And I’m talking necessarily just about the putting on a pair clean jeans and clean T-shirt, but guys are going fall on metro-sexual route more and more often these days. And any guy reading this, take note, because women dig that kind of thing. And it’s not just about getting your hair cut every few weeks or making sure you actually shave every two days or so, but is also the little things that count like having a manicure or pedicure done every couple months.

A really big “turn-off” is when meeting a guy and he reaches out to take your hand and he has ripped up cuticles with do it crusted on his knuckles and grungy fingernails! You can imagine what the feet look like! It’s an instant turnoff, regardless of how well you may have “polished” your look with a little bit of hair gel when some deodorant. In fact guys, did you know that a girl would rather take an overweight guy that well groomed over a bus guy that looks like a grunt? Think about that little bit. In fact while you think about that, men you should check out the adonis golden ratio reviewer so that you can get a good idea of what looking good looks like. Continue reading

How to stop ignorance and a lazy lifestyle taking over our lives

fat and lazyWeight loss has become the fastest growing, as well as the biggest moneymaking niche on the Internet. This should come as no surprise, considering how many overweight and obese people there are walking the Earth today. It’s difficult to decide who is to blame for the populations growing obesity. Is it the fault of the food industry that is for ever adding more pre-packaged, heavily processed foods? Is it the ever growing popularity of take-out restaurants like KFC, McDonald’s, etc.? Or is it our own fault for constantly falling into these traps set by the food industry and take-out moguls?

More than likely, it’s a combination of all three. Since we are just as much to blame as the food industry and take-out industry, we have no one really to blame but ourselves for becoming so overweight. And the excuses that we give that we don’t have time to eat healthy and exercise, is a load of BS, because if you can find time to go to your favorite take-out restaurant or browse the aisles for the most convenient “heat and eat” style meals, then we certainly have time for a little bit of exercise and cooking healthy meal at home.

There are also programs available online now that far outshine the more popular and better known weight loss programs like the Atkins diet, which makes it so easy to not only lose weight with healthy exercise, but eat healthy at the same time. A perfect example of such a program is called fasting for muscle. It’s the kind of program that slots so effortlessly into our lifestyles, they completely obliterated any further excuse of time constraints. It now simply a case of laziness. Continue reading

Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

improve vision naturallyOur bodies are prone to endure an injury from time to time and often some injuries may be internal and inherited while other can be caused by external sources. The eyes are one of the sensorial organs of the body that do provide the human body with the sense of sight. This was always used as a means to progress towards learning new things and growing as with sight one will be able to familiarize themselves with everything and everyone that surrounds them.

However, aside from becoming completely blind and losing physical eyesight one can also incur partial blindness in that one is able to see but not very clearly in all circumstances. Some people can experience long sighted partial blindness while others may experience short sighted partial blindness. Each of these diagnosis indicate that one is able to only clearly view images close to them, but cannot have a clear view of images further away from them or that one is only able to view images that are further away much more clearly than to view images near them clearly. Whether one is long or short sighted there are natural ways to improve your eyes naturally and the vision without glasses book is a product that does explain these methods in order to enhance the health of the eyes and visual sight. Continue reading

Gain a new singing talent using Superior Singing Method

sing better with superior singing methodImagine for a moment: You are lucky enough to have gotten front seats at the opera house you never thought you could get into.  Red carpets, VIP’s, movie stars have been known to attend, and you’re right up front.  As the lights dim, and the actors belt out songs to move the audience, everyone in the seats becomes enraptured.  Their songs become something you can feel inside you, moving with you, and as the performers end the show, you can also feel as it fades away.  What was once an electrical spark within your nerves has dulled and gone, leaving you feeling satisfied and happy, but also that something remains missing.

Singing brings smiles, and it’s no wonder.  It releases serotonin, which is the hormone that regulates happiness, so when we smile because we hear music that we enjoy, that feeling is real indeed.  Music speaks to our souls. Ever heard a song that made you get gooseflesh or brought tears to your eyes upon listening?  Music has it’s roots deep in human history.  Our earliest ancestors were making music out of anything they could use as an instrument.  As time went on, people began to immortalize their culture and the time in which they lived through folk songs.  Bards traveled from town to town, carrying the local songs to far away places, spreading local tales, to become legends.  Singing can soothe everyone from a battle weary soldier, to the baby being sung a lullaby by it’s mother.  Singing keeps traditions alive, through all walks of humanity. Superior Singing Method review explains how you can get started making your own mark in history. Continue reading